Friday, August 17, 2012

Dumpster diving:

I can't help it, I see a heap of discarded furniture all piled up on the edge of the sidewalk and I do a double take. In the seven seconds it takes to cruise by in my car I have already scanned the goods, visualized them with a fresh coat of paint and made a mental note of their location so I can come back when I have the appropriate amounts of time and car-space to rescue them, if you're not afraid to get ur hands dirty there are definitely some treasures to be found.  I get a kick out of breathing new life into a piece that someone has given up on, taking something old and giving it value and it's so much more logistical than adopting puppies to satiate my rescue fix. Luckily, in my neck of the woods in San Francisco's east bay area people toss out old goodies left and right. Now if I only had enough time and space for all the goodies out there.

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